Big Boss saath 7- 17th September 2013- Episode 2 full

Day 2—This day was again full of enthusiasm for all the housemates. The day began when the alarm song of the house rang.  This time the song was “MAIN KHILADI TU ANADI.” Actually, this was the day when the housemates would be given their first luxury budget task. So, for this task Bigg Boss introduced 2 wheels in the yard at the Jahannum side.


big boss-7 episode 2

big boss-7 episode 2

The warden of the house then announced that the contestants at the Jahannum side had to spin the wheel for earning gas, water as well as sleep. The warden also informed them that the Jannat contestants had to be dependent on the earnings of people of  Jahannum side. Apurva and Ratan started the task by spinning the wheel. Soon they realize that the wheel is hard to move. Later, Shilpa tells the Jahannum people that they have limited food and still have a week to go with that. They decide to use all the food products they have because that was the only source for the contestants of Jahannum side to gain the energy.  The task continued until the needs were not fulfilled. At night, when Pratyusha was spinning the wheel  then her hand got trampled a bit in the wheel. It was paining like extremely bad to her.

With this episode came to the end.

After the grand success of Bigg Boss-6, the REAL BAAP of all show is back this year with Bigg Boss Saath 7. The contestants will be facing  two contradictory things, Jannat Ka Wow and Jahannum ka Oww.

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